CBRN defence

Bruhn NewTech’s core business is the development of solutions for CBRN defence, CBRNe information management software and sensor connectivity management software.

Our team of specialists includes software developers, defence and public safety practitioners and CBRNe subject-matter experts.

Based on more than 30 years of CBRN domain experience, Bruhn NewTech’s specialist skills focus on enhancing and delivering life-saving CBRNe incident management tools that supports decision-making to meet the challenges of conventional and asymmetric CBRNe threats and hazards.

CBRN and CBRNe Solutions

Bruhn NewTech offers a specialised range of CBRNe solutions mainly for defence operations. The core elements are CBRNe information management software applications that can incorporate enhanced sensor and instrument integration as well as additional CBRN intelligence functions.

These are available as commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) or modified-off-the-shelf (MOTS) solutions to meet individual customer requirements.

Our Products

CBRNe Information Management Software
CBRNe Information Management Software

Operational software that enables the prediction, warning and reporting of CBRNe hazards.

Sensor Connectivity Management Hardware
Sensor Connectivity Management Hardware

Hardware components that allow multiple sensors to be connected on a variety of platforms.

Sensor Connectivity Management Software
Sensor Connectivity Management Software

Applications that provide sensor connectivity to multiple sensor types and brands in a single, effective display.

Product End-Users

Our CBRNe information and sensor management software and hardware solutions are in operational use by over 80% of NATO countries as well as many NATO Partnership for Peace and Global Partner countries.

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