Bruhn NewTech SAFE ZONE ® is a complete end-to-end solution that saves lives in the event of a chemical terrorist attack. The protection covers the full suite of airborne hazards whether accidental, intentional or natural – and whether they include explosives or chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear material. Our complete solution enables you to help as many people as possible escape the danger and gives emergency responders the information they need to respond efficiently.

Bruhn NewTech specialises in software solutions that help you save lives by providing a complete information management solution for preparing for and responding to events involving explosives and hazardous materials. Our solutions reduce response time and enable life-saving decisions to be made rapidly.

Bruhn NewTech SAFE ZONE® - Life Saving Software Solutions

Early detection and rapid, effective warning and protection are key elements in the handling of these kinds of incidents, which normally have at least one of the following characteristics:

  • potential loss of life
  • potential for mass casualties
  • potential for long-term effects
  • potential to create an extremely hazardous environment

We provide solutions that can be tailored to your needs both in mobile configurations for protecting concerts or sporting events, for example, and in fixed configurations made for protecting infrastructure elements such as airports and metro stations.

The first step in protecting yourself from the invisible dangers of a chemical cloud, for example, is to know it is there.

The true benefit of our solutions is that you can act smarter – the digitised system validates the detection result to reduce the risk of false alarms. It then calculates the areas most likely to be at risk as airflows move the hazard towards an unsuspecting population.

From the control centre or incident control point automated warnings can be sent to the relevant positions downwind from the hazard, and precautions can be initiated.

First responders arriving at the scene can be guided along safe entry routes to avoid becoming victims themselves. Those at risk, but not in immediate danger, can be guided along safe routes or instructed to take shelter indoors.

Bruhn NewTech SAFE ZONE® can be delivered with any components the client may require. This turnkey solution includes hazard-detection sensors, the hardware providing the connection back to the base station as well as the hardware and software located where the situation is monitored.

Bruhn NewTech provides training and 24/7 support as well as personnel to monitor the equipment, if desired.

The software is designed for use in stressful circumstances and relies on an intuitive user interface, which makes it easy and fail-safe to use after a minimum of training.

We use a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model. No need for huge investments, and, to convince you of the software’s value, we can give you a demo and let you test the software before purchasing it.


Bruhn NewTech SAFE ZONE® Solution

Bruhn NewTech’s end-to-end solution mitigates the impact of an incident, protects assets and reduces the number of casualties. It guides you through the entire incident lifecycle from preparing for an event to preserving evidence afterwards in order to make improvements.


Our solution is used extensively in the pre-event planning phase, at which point security personnel or first responders evaluate the threat to an upcoming event and build what-if scenarios to plan responses to potential incidents. The software supports a dynamic planning process that can be updated whenever new threats are identified or plans changed.

The planning phase also includes identifying and preparing the available sensors, planning the optimum sensor placement based on event type and probable weather conditions, and testing the entire setup.

At the recent Champions League football final in Wales, Gwent Police used the software in the planning phase to run through the scenarios that might unfold during the period from the time the footballers arrived in the area until the match was over and they had safely returned home.


When entering the monitoring phase, our solution enhances situational awareness by providing an overview of the sensor status and notifications in the event of malfunction or maintenance needs.

An immediate alarm is relayed to the operator if a potential new hazard is identified, and Bruhn NewTech’s solution provides a real-time overview of the areas at risk.


If a hazard occurs, the system will provide decision-making support based on the pre-planned what-if scenarios, thus speeding up the process of determining who is at risk, how to deal with an eventual evacuation, and how to coordinate with other authorities such as police and first responders.

As a situation develops, other decisions may need to be made, such as to move sensors to other locations that will provide an even better picture of the situation.


Once this has been done, quick, decisive action must be taken. This requires seamless communication with a range of other actors, for example, personnel from venue security or emergency services. The solution ensures that the situation can be communicated accurately without the loss of information that can happen when voice communication is used. Any national defence forces taking part in the response can also be linked seamlessly into the situational picture, as our solution supports the required military communication formats.


The situation overview is constantly updated on the basis of automatic sensor data retrieval and other information from on-ground personnel.

The information obtained from constantly evaluating how protective actions are affecting the current situation picture makes it easy to identify deviations from the expected picture and adjust the actions accordingly.


All information gathered during the incident is stored so that any evidence required for future evaluation is preserved.

The preserved information can also be used to improve or update the pre-planned what-if scenarios for future events.


Our software solutions are used by some of the most demanding users in extreme conditions. The software has stood the test in live operations and afforded protection against real hazards. When chemical weapons were removed from Syria in 2015 and Libya in 2016, the naval task forces responsible for safely removing these lethal weapons had our software on board. Other examples include the Olympics in Athens where the NATO forces providing protection used Bruhn NewTech software.

Our turnkey solution – including detectors, hardware and software – was used by the Multi-Agency Initial Incident Assessment Team (MAIAT) in the protection of the London Olympics. Our software is the world-leading solution used by defence forces to protect soldiers from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards. Today 24 of the 29 NATO nations use Bruhn NewTech solutions.

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