Complete end-to-end solution for non-CBRN experts

Key features in SafeVita

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Real-time updates

Detection overview and airflow modeling to maintain situational awareness and update plans in real-time.

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To be used for public safety

Highly robust software developed for the defence is the core of the public safety solution.

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Swift response plans

Response plans (evacuation/rescue) are defined in 30 seconds after hazard alert.

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Automatic notification

Public emergency services are auto-notified on the specificity of the CBRN threat.

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End-to-end solution

Bruhn NewTech provides training and support as well as personnel to monitor the equipment if desired. Bruhn NewTech SafeVita can be delivered with any components the client may require.

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Interoperable design

SafeVita is interoperable by design, supporting 50+ sensors from 20+ global manufacturers.

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Full situational overview

Prior to deploying SafeVita, a site survey has established fixed sensor placements and response plans.

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Tested under extreme conditions

Our software solutions are used by some of the most demanding users under extreme conditions. The software has stood the test in live operations and afforded protection against real hazards.

SafeVita saves lives and protects against airborne hazards whether accidental, intentional, or natural – and whether they include explosives or chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear material.

Our complete solution enables you to help as many people as possible escape the danger and gives emergency responders the information they need to respond efficiently. Bruhn NewTech specialises in software solutions that help you save lives by providing a complete knowledge management solution for preparing for and responding to events involving explosives and hazardous materials. Our solutions reduce response time and enable life-saving decisions to be made rapidly.

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